After School Program

Available to children ages 8-12 years, the Pets & Kids After School Program is a six-session class that focuses on pet care, safety, and health. Discussion topics include animal communication, dog and cat handling, veterinary care, and dog training.

Our After School Programs are offered on Mondays during the school year. Topics covered are:

Animal Behavior and Communication

When working with animals, it is important to understand the ways they communicate. We will explore how animals use body language to communicate with us. Then we will tour the shelter and find out what the animals are saying.

The Handling and Care of Cats and Dogs

Learn how to properly hold and handle animals safely. Practice handling cats and dogs at the shelter. Learn how animals are cared for at the shelter. Help give a dog a bath and clean kennels.

Training and Fundamentals

You can teach an old dog new tricks! Learn the secret to training any animal. Practice your skills by teaching a shelter dog to sit.

Veterinary Care

Learn about the types of shots pets need to stay healthy. A veterinarian will show us how to give our pets a simple exam. Learn why spaying and neutering pets is so important.  Each child will have the opportunity to listen to a dog's heartbeat.

Protecting the Web of Life

The final meeting of our group will sum up the ideas of respect and responsibility toward all animals.  We will wrap up by taking a "good-bye" tour of the shelter to wish all the animals good luck in finding their forever home. 

There are five sessions for the Pets & Kids After School Program throughout the Fall, Spring, and Winter. Each class meets on Mondays from 4:00-4:45 p.m. for six weeks. The registration fee is $60. Please note there is a 4% transaction fee for all online registrations and $10 cancellation fee.

For more on the Naperville Area Humane Society Pets & Kids After School Program, please call (630) 420-8989 ext.117 or send an email.