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Featured below are the dogs and puppies currently available for adoption at NAHS. New dogs and puppies could be made available any day of the week, so be sure to check the site often. For more information on our adoption process, click here. To read what some of our previous adopters have to say, click here.

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*This page was last updated on December 9, 2016*

Name Age Breed Sex Status
Anne 1Y 6M Collie / Terrier mix Female Available

I like to bounce and hop and run and play.  Pretty much I just like to be on the move.  I enjoy going for long walks, playing fetch, and when the days all done curling up on a soft bed.  Because of my high energy level, it would be best if there was someone home the majority of the time so I don't get bored.  I get along with some other dogs but can come on a little strong so not all other dogs like me.  I cannot live with cats and children should be at least 8 years old.  If you're looking for a dog that enjoys and will excel at various training games, I'm your girl!

Bandit 1Y 1M Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix Male Adopted!

I may be on the smaller side, but I am a bundle of energy ready to go go go!  I'm looking for someone who has a lot of time to take me on walks, play with me, and take me to training classes.  I'm still young and need to work on my manners, I tend to get excited when I see people.  Can you blame me, they usually bring treats, who wouldn't be excited?  Because I am still working on not jumping on people, and a few other things, it would be best if children in my new home are at least 12 years old.  Also no cats for me please!  I might do ok with another dog, preferably one that's my size or smaller. So if you're looking for a hiking partner, hurry in to say hi.

Bubba 6Y 6M American Pit Bull Terrier mix Male Available

Bubba Gump here to ask, do you like shrimp?  There sure are a lot of ways you can cook and eat shrimp, and while I've never had it, it sure smells good!  I'm friendly to most everyone I meet, both humans and canines.  However I cannot live with cats.  I enjoy playing with different types of toys such as squeak toys and tennis balls.  I am still working on some of my manners, such as jumping, so it would be best if children in my new home were at least 12 years old and had experience with dogs.  Also if you want to take me to obedience training that would be great as well!  One last thing, I am allergic to quite a few things (who isn't?) so my family will need to make sure that they watch what I eat.  So what do you say, hurry on in to meet me today!  

Bucky 4Y 1M Corgi mix Male Available

I'm a shy guy searching for a quiet home I can call my own.  Well, mine and my friend Henry's.  He really helps me feel more confident when I'm in new situations.  Aren't friends great?  I promise once I get comfortable with my new family I can be quite playful.  Especially when I'm playing with my friend Henry.  I would prefer if there were no other dogs in our home but I think I cat would be ok.  It would also be best if children were at least 12 years old.  So if you're willing to give us a chance and see just how great we are, stop by soon to say hi.

Bonded with Henry

Charlie 5Y 1M Terrier mix Male Available

Info coming soon.  Please enjoy my cute photo!

Ellie 12Y 0M German Shepherd mix Female Available

I'm a sweet, gentle girl searching for a home where I can spend my golden years.  I really like being near people, and would much rather be in the company of my humans than play with toys.  When I get comfortable with you, I will happily ask for a belly rub.  I can be easily startled, especially with hands around my face so I think it would be best if children in my new home were at least 12 years old and had experience with dogs.  I have lived with a cat before and could possibly live with another calm dog.  If you're looking for a calm, loving dog, stop by soon and say hi!

Foxy 0Y 10M Australian Cattle Dog mix Female Available

"Will work for Tennis Balls" is my motto and you better believe it's true!  I L-O-V-E love them.  I could play fetch for hours if you let me, and with the amount of energy I have, you better let me.  And you know what they say, a tired dog is a happy owner.  My new family will need to have experience with my breed as we need to be kept busy.  I am a working dog after all.  It would also be very beneficial if I started obedience training right away.  I already know a few commands, but I still have a lot to learn and I am willing so long as tennis balls are involved!  If you're the type of person who likes to play outside in all weather and also maybe plays tennis, we could be a perfect match!

Henry 6Y 1M Chihuahua Mix Male Available

I'm a bouncy little guy who likes to hop and play and run around all day.  I love my friend Bucky and we play together very nicely outside.  Bucky also helps me with my confidence, which is why we need to go home together.  You see, I can be a little nervous when first meeting new people and being in new places.  However once I get to know you and know I can trust you, I can be quite cuddly.  I might be ok if there is a cat in my new home, but please, no other dogs, besides Bucky.  Children in my new home should be at least 12 years old.  If you're willing to give two shy guys a chance, stop by soon.

Bonded with Bucky

Horace 7Y 11M American Pit Bull Terrier mix Male Available

Who's the happiest boy in the world?  I'll give you a hint, he has a white face, big tongue, and even bigger heart.  Give up?  It's me!  I've always got a smile on my face no matter the circumstances.  Got a toy?  Great, I'd love to play with it.  Going for a walk?  Wonderful, I'll hop along beside you.  Have an active household with lots of guests?  No worries, I'll greet each one at the door.  I get along with most other dogs and might be able to live with a cat as well.  Children in my new home should be at least 8 years old as I sometimes forget how big I am.  If you take me home I promise I will always bring a smile to your face and love to your heart.  

Landon 3Y 2M Border Collie mix Male Available

I'm a very sweet and loving boy who did not have the best start to life.  I will need a family who will be very patient and understanding of my quirks.  I would prefer a home that is more rural than city.  Cars are too much fun to chase!  I also tend to get nervous when there are too many people around so a quiet home is a must for me.  Also there can be no children in my home as I was not treated well by them in the past.  I would also prefer to be an only pet.  Once I get comfortable I love to have my belly rubbed and having all the attention on me.  If you have a nice, quiet home, please consider opening your heart to a sweet boy like me.

Maxine 13Y 4M Jack Russell Terrier mix Female Available

By the way I look and act you would never guess I'm 13 years old.  I'm very playful and I especially love soft, squeaky toys (though I'm sure you can tell by my picture).   I can be nervous around new people, and it takes me a while to get comfortable.  Once I know you though I'm all about the attention.  I do need to be the only pet in the home and children should be older and have experience with dogs.  Stop by the shelter and say hi soon!

Oscar 11Y 9M Beagle mix Male Available

It's awards season and isn't it everyones dream to have an Oscar? While I may not be gold and shiny, I've been told I'm pretty great. I have a very mellow personality, but I can also be very curious, I am a beagle after all! Speaking of being a beagle, I am true to my breed and can be very vocal. So I probably shouldn't live anywhere with shared walls (ie apartments, condos, etc.). I enjoy going for walks but would much prefer to spend my time relaxing. I need to be the only dog but could possibly live with a cat. Children in my new home should be at least 12 years old. If I sound like the dog for you, start practicing your acceptance speech and stop by soon!

Paul Anka 5Y 0M Yorkshire Terrier mix Male Available

Info coming soon.  Please enjoy my cute photo!

Rollo 8Y 1M Boxer/Bulldog mix Male Available

I'm a laid-back, gentle dog looking for a home where I can curl up in a bed of my own. Don't get me wrong, I'm not super lazy, I enjoy playing with toys every now and then.  But once I'm done, I'm done for a while.  I can be a little stubborn and set in my ways, so I would like to be the only pet in my new home.  I don't like to share the spotlight.  Children in my new home should be at least 16 years old.  If you can look past my age and white face (which I think is pretty handsome) hurry in to meet me.

Tyson 2Y 0M Beagle Male Available

Did you know, beagles have exceptionally good noses?  Because I do!  Did you know, beagles are very food motivated and will eat just about anything?  Because I do!  Did you know 'beagle' is French for 'loudmouth'?  You can probably guess at this point, but I like to talk!  I bark, I bay, I just have a lot to say!  I have a very active mind that will need to be kept busy.  Some ways to do this are training, interactive toys, and just plain old exercise.  I can be protective of my things so it would be best if children were at least 12  years old and there are no other pets on the home.  I can't wait for you to come meet me!