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Listed below are the dogs and puppies currently available for adoption at NAHS. New dogs and puppies are made available on Monday and Thursday evenings, so be sure to check the site often. For more information on our adoption process, click here. To read what some of our previous adopters have to say, click here.

You can see larger and additional photos by clicking on the names and pictures below and can sort the table by clicking on column headers for gender, age, breed, etc.

Name Age Breed Sex Status
Barbie 3Y 0M Chihuahua Female Available

My name is Barbie and I'm searching for my Malibu Dreamhouse!  Well, I guess it doesn't have to be in Malibu, but warm weather does sound nice.  I can picture it now, sitting on someone's lap, basking in the sun.  Ah well, summer should be here soon right?  Anyways, the first and most important thing my dreamhouse needs is my B.F.F. Ken.  You see, we're kind of a package deal.  I'm a little bit more outgoing and confident than Ken, but definitely prefer to have him close to me.  We can probably live with cats, and maybe another small, calm dog.  It would be best if children had experience with how to behave around small dogs.  If you're looking for the perfect match for your family, stop by and say hi soon!

Bentley 2Y 8M Terrier / Chihuahua mix Male Available

I'm a dog that needs a patient and understanding family, who is willing to work with my nervous behavior.  It takes me some time to feel safe around people, and while I don't think I'll ever be a lap dog, I do like laying down or sitting next to someone I trust.  Having someone home the majority of the day would be nice, and would probably help build some of my confidence.  I do need to be the only dog in the home but I could probably live with a cat.  Children in my new home need to be in their upper teens and have experience with dogs. 

Blossom 3Y 2M Mastiff / American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Female Adopted!

Hi there! I'm Blossom and I can't wait to meet you! I absolutely love being around people and will gladly sit right next to you all day long. In fact, I'll happily nudge you to remind you that I'm there and that you need to be petting me. I like humans more than other animals, so I need to be the only pet in the home. But that's ok because I'm so great you won't need anyone but me! I am quite strong so children should be in their teens and have experience with dogs. If a sweet, friendly girl is what you're looking for don't hesitate to come say hi!

Candy 0Y 3M Terrier Mix Female Available

Just like my name implies, I'm sweet and people can't resist me!  Just because I'm cute though doesn't mean I can't get into trouble, I am a puppy after all!  And like all puppies, I'll need socialization, obedience training and house training.  It would be best if my new family has had experience with my breed because I'm busy busy busy!  I'll need a lot of exercise, both physical and mental, to keep everyone happy.  I might be able to live with another dog, but I can be picky about my friends.  I cannot live with cats, I'm not too sure what they are, but they don't seem to like me too much either.  Children in my new home should be familiar with dogs and how to behave around puppies.  Don't hesitate to come say hi, after all, who doesn't like a little bit of candy?

Ken 0Y 10M Chihuahua Male Available

What's better than one Chihuahua?  Two!  My friend Barbie (maybe you saw her cute picture earlier?) and I need to go home together.  I can be very shy and nervous in new situations and having her with me helps with my confidence.  I do enjoy being near people and especially sitting on their laps.  I'm the true definition of a lap dog.  I might be OK with having another calm dog in my new home and could possibly live with a cat too.  It would be best if children have had experience with small, shy dogs.  I can't wait for you to come meet me so I can show  you how sweet I am!

King 1Y 4M American Bulldog Mix Male Available

I'm not you're typical king, I'm a cool king.  And as you can probably tell by my photos, I enjoy a good party.  I'm very friendly towards new people and I aim to please.  Do you have treats, maybe a toy?  I'd love to show you how smart I am!  I do have a lot of energy and am pretty athletic, if I say so myself, so I think I would enjoy a nice big, fenced in yard that I can play fetch in with my new family.  I also need to live in a house where I am the only pet.  You see, I need all the love and attention to myself, I am a king after all.  Children in my new home need to be a little older and have experience with dogs, preferably ones on the larger side.  So if you're looking for a regal dog to love, stop by soon.  I can't wait to meet you!

Logan 0Y 3M Terrier Mix Male Available

Energetic puppy here!  I really like to run around and play and will need a family willing to harness all my energy towards positive things, such as all the training I will need.  I am very social and love to be near people and make new friends!  It would be best if my new family had experience with my breed.  I might be OK with another dog in the home, but I'm too sure about cats and they seem a little unsure about me as well.  Children in my new home should be a little older and have experience with dogs because I'm still learning my manners.  If I sound like the pup you've been searching for, come on by and ask to meet me!

Racine 4Y 0M Beagle mix Female Available

I'm a sweet, loving dog searching for a home to call my own.  I can be pretty active, but would much prefer a long walk over playing with toys.  I get very excited when it's time for my walk because there are so many great smells outside!  I like to follow my nose wherever it takes me, I am a beagle after all!  Speaking of being a beagle, I can also be quite chatty when I'm in the mood so it would be good if my new family had experience with the breed.  I might be able to live with another dog but no cats please!  Also, children in my new home can be of almost any age.  So what are you waiting for?  Come meet me soon!

Teddy 9Y 0M Poodle mix Male Available

I've been given the nickname Teddy Bear, mainly because I'm soft and fluffy.  I do like to sit next to people and have my back scratched, but only on my terms because I also enjoy my personal space.  Who doesn't from time to time?  Now I know you're probably thinking that as an older dog, all I want to do is sleep.  Well let me tell you that is not the case.  Many people are surprised to hear how old I am because I love playing with plush toys and will gladly play with them for hours!  I might be able to live with another older dog who won't always be in my face but it would best if there were no cats in the home.  Children should be at least in their teens because I am not a fan of sharing my possessions.  If you're an experienced dog owner who loves to play, then stop by and meet me soon!

Wendy 1Y 1M Basset Hound Mix Female Available

I have an opinion on everything, and I'm not afraid to share it. I'm a very active girl and some might even call me athletic. I like to jump and twist in the air... I'm quite the show off. Agility classes might be really fun for me because I have so much energy, and I need to find different ways to exercise. I'm generally outgoing, but sometimes I can be shy around new people so my new family will need to be mindful of how I'm feeling in new situations. I might enjoy another playful dog in my new home, but I cannot live with cats; feline friends are way too tempting to chase. I also think I'd be fine with children as young as 5 years old as long as they understand how to behave around busy dogs. Oh, did I mention that I like to talk a lot? That means that I shouldn't live in an apartment, condo, or townhouse (any dwellings with shared walls). ;)