Adopt a Dog

Listed below are the dogs and puppies currently available for adoption at NAHS. New dogs and puppies are made available on Monday and Thursday evenings, so be sure to check the site often. For more information on our adoption process, click here. To read what some of our previous adopters have to say, click here.

You can see larger and additional photos by clicking on the names and pictures below and can sort the table by clicking on column headers for gender, age, breed, etc.

Name Age Breed Sex Status
Arthur 8Y 1M Boston Terrier Male Available

Some people think I can tune in foreign television or radio stations with my ears!  LOL. Honestly, I'm too busy playing and finding new things; I don't have time for TV. I was found stray recently in the extreme cold weather, and after I went unclaimed at animal control, I came to NAHS. It's nice here, but it's my transitional home. I'm eager to find my permanent home.  As I said, I'm busy, curious, and playful. In fact, I'm pretty intense when it comes to playing with toys. Oh yeah, I can be vocal, too.  I might be fine living with a cat, but I'll need to be the only dog in the home.  I think if there are children in my new home, they should be a little older. If you have experience with my breed, that's certainly a plus.

Bruce 1Y 9M Shih Tzu / Poodle mix Male Available

When I first came to NAHS, I was in pretty rough shape.  Just take a look at my before and after photos, I look like a completley different dog!  As you can imagine, I'm feeling much better too, some might even say I've got a pep in my step now!  I'm a happy-go-lucky and affectionate guy who never says no to attention.  It's very important that my new owners are dedicated to getting me groomed regularly to ensure is stay a happy and healthy dog.  My new adopters will need to be experienced dog owners and I'll need to live with older kids (around 16 and up) since I'm still learning to share my possessions.  I get along with some dogs, and might be able to live with cats as well.  Now that you know all about me, come on in and get to know me even better!

Carson 0Y 5M Shepherd mix Male Available

Carson is my name and EVERYTHING is my game!  I'm a dog who knows how to have fun and is always on the go-go-go!  Because of my high energy level, I will need to go into an active and lively home.  I can't wait to go for long runs daily and try some fun outdoor activities like hiking or maybe even agility courses!  I'll also need plenty of mental exercise, like treat puzzles and kongs to keep my mind busy.  Another way to get mental exercise is to attend formal obedience classes, which I'm really looking forward to.  With your help, I'm confident I can become the most well mannered dog in town!  I'm friendly and playful with most other dogs and I might even be fine living with a cat.  Because I'm still a puppy, I can be a bit jumpy and mouthy so it's recommended that children in my new home be around 8 years and older.  If you think you have the energy to keep up with me, I would love for you to come say hi! 

Coco 9Y 5M Shepherd mix Female Adopted!

If you're looking for a sweet, gentle, and friendly dog to add to your family, I might just be the dog for you!  Because I am tolerant and and pretty mellow, I can live with children that are about 5 years and older.  I can be a bit nervous when I first meet new people, but don't worry, I'll warm up to you in no time.  I'm not too keen on other dogs or cats, so I'll need to be your "one-and-only."  If you give me a chance, I promise to be the only pet you'll need in your life!

Cookie 1Y 7M Retriever / Chow Chow mix Female Available

My name is Cookie and I'm a very high energy and busy dog that is looking for a family that can keep up with me!  My idea of a perfect day is going for a few long walks (or runs), playing, running, and hanging out with my favorite people (preferably in my very own fenced in yard) and finishing the day off with some fun obedience training so I can be well rested to do it all over again the next day.  I might be able to live in a home with cats, but it would be best if I were the only dog in the home.  Because I'm very strong and can sometimes be rowdy, children in my new home should be a bit older and experienced with dogs.  I still need some help polishing up on my manners, but with your help I know I'll be the smartest, most well mannered dog on the block.  Now that you know all about me, come on in and get to know me even better!

Jacob 0Y 5M Terrier mix Male Adopted!

I'm about as happy as a dog can be, and when I'm happy I like to run and jump -- a lot. Sometimes I like to jump on my human friends so I can say "Hi" or "Let's play." My energy can be overwhelming to some, so if you're searching for a laid-back dog who's more of a couch potato, I'm definitely not the dog for you. I can be rowdy and my play style is intense (I L-O-V-E toys), so if you're an active person or family, of if you'd like an exercise partner, don't pass me by! I can live with other dogs and maybe even a cat. I think kids in my new home should be at least 8 years old.

Layla 0Y 11M Hound/Retriever mix Female Available

What a dog like me needs is patience, time, and a lot of love.  I traveled here in hopes of finding my forever home, but the shelter environment was very stressful for me.  Lucky for me, someone was nice enough to bring me into their home and foster me so I can grow and learn in a calm environment.  My foster mom says that I am a sweet and loving dog, and that I am becoming more comfortable each day.  Although I am trying very hard, I am still an extremely shy dog and my new owners will need to be dedicated to helping me get the proper socialization I need.  Because I am very nervous, children in my home should be at least 16 years or older.  Having another calm, but playful dog in my new home might be good for me and might help me come out of my shell...after all, I'm enjoying playing with my two new doggie friends in my foster home!  Would you like to give me a chance?

*Layla is in a foster home.  If you are interested in meeting her, please call the shelter at 630-420-8989*

Lola 0Y 4M Terrier mix Female Adopted!

Info coming soon.  Please enjoy my cute photo!

Lucky 2Y 0M Akita mix Male Available

Info coming soon.  Please enjoy my cute photo!

Pip 2Y 1M Terrier mix Male Available

"Pip Pip Hooray!  I'm getting adopted today!"  Do you like my cheer?  I have it prepared for the day I find my forever home, which I'm hoping will be very soon.  I'm a pretty lively and active guy who's looking for a family that knows how to have fun.  I'm very playful and love a good game of fetch.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, I can't wait to go for long walks (or runs) and spend lots of time getting to know the great outdoors.  I may be able to live with another dog, although my previous organization said I can be a bit bossy with larger, male dogs, so it will depend on the interaction.  If I sound like a good fit for you, I would love for you to stop in and meet me!          

Ruby 1Y 6M Spaniel / Retriever mix Female Available

Mellow, gentle, sweet, and a little shy are a few words to describe my personality.  Once you hear my story, it's a little easier to understand why.  I was first found near the side of a road in Oklahoma, where it had appeared that I had been hit by a car.  Lucky for me, some nice people decided to stop and help me and brought me to a nearby vet clinic, where it was determined that I had a fractured pelvis.  It has since healed, but the vet said I will always walk with a limp.  For this reason (and because of my shy nature), I should live with children who are a bit older and experienced with dogs.  I may be able to live with a cat, and a calm, gentle dog as well (no rowdy dogs for me, please).  The home environment that I'm looking for is one that is quiet and calm where I can relax and finally enjoy the love of a family.  In my opinion, nothing could be better than that. 

Sammie 1Y 4M American Pit Bull Terrier mix Female Available

I'm a fun-loving, playful, and friendly girl looking for a family that is just as active as I am. I do have to admit though, once I've gotten all of my energy out, I can be quite the snuggler. I'm super smart and although I already know a lot of basic commands, I'm looking forward to you teaching me more. In fact, formal obedience classes would be a great way to help me learn new things and teach me how to control all my excitement! I can play a little rowdy, so it would be best if children in my new home are older (around 12 and up) and have experience with dogs. It would also be great if my new owners have experience with my breed. I may be able to live with another high energy, playful dog, but no cats for me please. Well, what are you waiting for? Come meet me today!

Zoey 5Y 5M Retriever / Greyhound mix Female Available

I'm a dog with a lot of energy looking for an active and outgoing family!  My previous owner had to bring me here because she was moving and couldn't take me with, so now I'm hoping to find a home where I can be myself and enjoy being loved.  I may be able to live with another dog, although I can be a bit picky about my canine friends, so it will depend on the interaction.  Cats on the other hand, not for me.  I may need some help polishing up on my manners, but nothing a little time and training won't solve.  Because I'm jumpy and mouthy when I get excited, children in my new home should be around 12 years and older.  With the weather getting nicer, what better way to help you get outdoors and stay busy and active than adopting a dog like me!?